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Mode of payment

Mode of payment to the School


  1. All payments are to be made by Cash/Money Order/Demand Draft drawn in favour of Belle Vue Boarding School on State Bank of India/ Central Bank of India/Allahabad Bank payable at Kurseong.
  2. In case of default of payment beyond three months the student's name is liable to be struck off from the school roll.
  3. School/Boarding Fees must be cleared before the child is taken home on term holidays or at the end of the session, ailing which the child will not be allowed to go home.
  4. Security Deposit will be refunded at the end of the session only i.e. in December every year in case of withdrawal of the child from the school after adjustment of all dues.
  5. Claims shall not be entertained and the deposit stands forfeited if the withdrawal of the child is not intimated before the end of the English Calendar year.
  6. In the event of withdrawal of a child from the school all dues must be cleared in full before a Transfer Certificate can be issued. A fee ofRs.100/- will be charged for issue of a Transfer Certificate.

Visits to the School


  1. Frequent, unscheduled and untimely visits to the school will be regulated with a firm hand.
  2. Parents cannot visit the school before the June holidays to give sufficient time to their children to get adjusted to the changed environment.
  3. Children can be taken to the market only on the last Sunday of the visiting month.
  4. Time limits prescribed by the school must be strictly adhered to in visiting the school.