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Infrastructure of the School


An education institution is primarily a mechanism for preservation, enrichment and transmission of knowledge. It is the sum total of available infrastructure, the academic organization, the type of training imparted, the spirit permeating the academic trinity (teachers, scholars and administrators), it's traditions, hereditary factor, environmental factors etc. We have excellent infrastructure facilities. All conceivable requirements for imparting quality education have been duly taken care of through provisions of requisite facilities outlined below



a. Play fields

Play fieldsSpacious play fields provide facilities for major team games such as hockey, football, volley ball, cricket, basket ball, etc. In addition, badminton, table tennis, Judo Karate and some indoor games are also promoted.


b.Play pen

Our play pen boasts of swings, revolving platforms, sea-saws, climbing ladders etc. and is very popular with our tiny tots.


c. Lush-green lawns

 Lush-green lawns


The teaching staff consists of well-qualified, dedicated and experienced teachers with ample knowledge of modern educational system. English is the sole medium of instruction in the school and emphasis is given on English Language at every sphere of school life.




d. Auditorium

The school auditorium is a multipurpose hall with facilities for conduct of indoor games including table tennis, roller skating, seminars, cultural and communicational skill development activities, screening of instructional/entertainment films etc.


e. Computer center

Computer CenterComputer education forms a part of the school curriculum and computer science is offered as one of the subjects for courses of study from class three to ten.


f. Dance and Music

Students are imparted training in folk dances, Kathak, drums, guitar, piano, synthesizer, Bharat Natyam, Indian classical vocal and western dance. The school boasts of its experienced faculty members and state-of-the art-training system. The dance and music classes are hosted in the school auditorium.


g. Art room

While science is related to intellect, art stirs our emotions. Painting, sculpture, architecture, music, drama, acting, poetry, oratory, debate etc. are all which give zest to life and further process the personality development.


h. Science laboratories

Science Labs are very well planned or the three main disciplines (Physics, Chemistry and Biology)


Libraryi. Library

The Library is designed to function as an instrument for knowledge dissemination and not as a lifeless Study House of books. It is a well-furnished, well- stocked library and provides an atmosphere conducive to pursuit of studies.





j. Infirmary

The school maintains an infirmary supervised by two qualified and experienced nurses. The school nurses provide health care services and maintain health records of the students. In addition the nurses refer the students to the school physician who visits the school regularly.