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Message from Principal

A very warm, welcome to Belle Vue.


A school should be organized as a simplified, purified and better-balanced society wherein the individual, by actively participating in the associative life, will develop, to the fullest extent, his personal and social worth, with a progressive socialistic outlook. We at Belle Vue try to create such a miniature society.


Our school is a little world where responsibility is shared by all, individual rights respected by all, brotherly sympathy developed by all, and voluntary co-operation practiced by all.


We believe that education does not mean mere book learning, but it consists in right thinking and right living of the individual both for his own good and for the good of the society at large.


We do not consider play and entertainment a frivolous thing. On the contrary, it is a thing of profound significance. By means of play, the child expands in joy as the flower expands when it proceeds from the bud, for joy is the soul of all the actions of that age.


At Belle Vue, which is a friendly, open and relaxed place to learn, we aim to ensure that your children succeed in their area of learning and enjoy themselves at the same time.


Whatever your previous experience in education, We are sure that here you will find our staff keen to respect you and work with you to make sure that your Children have equal opportunities to take advantage of the School's learning resources and facilities.


I very much hope that you will join us in our miniature Society.


A. K. Agarwal




Belle Vue Boarding School
128 A.K Mukharjee Road
Kurseong, Darjeeling
Pin-734203, W.B